Agarabi Teams Mode

Agarabi game is considered as a unique PvP server, and it will be more competitive if you guys step into the so-called Teams mode! This is one of the best modes that you must play to experience the challenges, missions, and of course, you will probably create a new relationship with other teammates! Does it sound fun? Since Agarabi game online is more and more developed, and it has already attracted tons of players all over the world. That’s why the Teams mode can be the best choice for people to compete each other, gain new skills and learn more the lessons relating to friendship!
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General Objective of Teams Mode

Similar to game, the Teams Mode is already available in Agarabi, and there will be three teams with discrepant colors such as red, green and blue. Once joining, you will be assigned as a random member that has a random color of one of those teams. And your adventure will start from there! The main goal of this mode is to make a great teamwork and try to rule the map by annihilating the members of the other two opponent teams. Please always remember that as a member of a team, you are not able to eat your mates nor move through them! That’s a terrible slaughter! Killing each other won’t bring any victory. Therefore, try to stick with your mates all the time, create the best cooperation then vanquish all the enemies.

Tactics and Strategies of Team Mode

Since you are assigned as a random member of a specific team, you need to know that if your current is dominating or you are in a minority team! That will help you create new strategies for you.

For a dominating team:

If somehow you are in this kind of team, then you have to accept the fact that you won’t have too much prey for absorbing! Don’t get frustrated! There’s still another chance for you! We will witness that there are so many players trying to divide them so that they can go hunt for the smaller pellets. However, this probably the error that the blobs coming from the small teams wait for the chance to enlarge their mass. Occasionally, there will be a giant blob from other smaller teams coming out, and then the large blobs of the bigger teams will come after it at all costs. Unluckily, there won’t be too many blobs that can perform a so-called split-kill a 1K+ cells, and if you really want to try this, the best way is to overlap the blobs, and then you need to take time for waiting to be fed by your teammates. If one team has finally managed to annihilate the other ones, they will totally control around 99-100% of the mass.

For the smaller teams:

Being in the smaller teams sometimes bring you stresses and the terrors, fears for getting eaten by the large team easily, which makes you always observe the over-split blobs of the bigger team. Well, probably you will be put in the shoes of a tiny blob right from the beginning, now don’t you think it’s time for you to enlarge your mass? However, the more significant mission is to give assistance to your teammates who were already large. Try to supply them with your support, or else they will get eaten for sure if they are being hunted by other blobs from the bigger team. And what should you do to help him? Of course, the basic thing to help your mate for killing the enemies is to release a virus so that it can blow up the hunters. If you are still a tiny blob, it will be totally okay if you try to sacrifice yourself for the team’s sake. But if you are a giant one of a ruled team, other players will hunt you once seeing you. You probably get caught easily. However, you need to use your skills and try to stay alive at all costs. You can be a bait to lure the enemies, and then your teammates will take that advantage to increase their mass, and you will profit from that when beginning. When you are surrounded by all the blobs, you are supposed to stay between 2 blobs from the ruling team, which will help you dodge the wicked viruses and blobs. In addition, fining a jungle consisting of a bunch of viruses and trying to memorize that place is also a great idea to help you escape from the enemies if you care being hunted. Those large blobs will never have a chance to track you in such a dense jungle. They won’t take that risk! Therefore, try to prepare and learn these tactics so that you can handle well if you are in such a dangerous case like that. Good luck, guys!
Play Agarabi Teams Mode now!