Rainbow Speedy Mode

Rainbow Speedy ModeRainbow Speedy is an awesome new mode of Agarabi game in which you will take control of the blob that has discrepant colors changing at the same time. The most outstanding point in this mode is the movement speed! Possibly speaking, this is such a great combination of Rainbow Mode and FFA Speedy Mode that Agarabi offers! You can totally move your colorful blob at breakneck speed and go search for other rainbow blobs to get evolution. No need to find the matching colors to combine in this mode! You can freely absorb all the targets surrounding you so that your scores can increase and your blob will reach a colossal size.

Make sure that you will give your blob a specific name, this will help you figure out your blob easily after splitting and controlling it will be easier! Bear in mind that you shouldn’t get close to the blobs that are bigger than you if you don’t have any plan for the escape. They will turn you into their delicious meal for sure. Okie come on, guys! It’s time to check this mode out!

Play Agarabi Rainbow Speedy Mode now!