Rainbow Mode

Being a tiny blob that has only one color is sometimes so boring, right? Now, you no need to worry about that stuff anymore! Rainbow Mode is finally available in Agarabi game online!

Rainbow Mode

And that’s totally true! You guys are going to step into a world full of blobs that have rainbow colors. This will be such a fantastic space to enjoy Agarabi game. The gameplay and game goal still maintain. You will take control the blob that has various colors, and they will repeatedly change ! They never stop changing even once. Therefore, it will be better if you give your blob a specific name. The reason is that you might get confused if splitting them when being in an area filled with tons of colorful blobs. It’s hard for you to figure out which one is yours, which one is not. And that can affect your gameplay as well as your concentration.

Rainbow mode is so cool to play. However, you also need to learn how to control your speed at the beginning. Or else, you easily crash into other colossal blobs, resulting in the game over.

Play Agarabi Rainbow Mode now!