Agarabi Solo Game

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How long do you think you can survive in such a space full of dangerous blobs? Agarabi honorably offers a brand new solo game to all of the players! This game will put you in the shoes of a lonely tiny blob trying to make its way through a bunch of big blobs.

The game has no online players! It’s only you conquering the whole playfield. However, that won’t be an easy task! All you have to do is to control your blob skillfully, try to search for the targets that are smaller than you, perform your quick, keen eyes and eat those targets as many as possible while making an attempt to dodge the bigger ones.

Agarabi Solo

How many points you earn?

They keep chasing you without ceasing. Therefore, you must eat and try to grow up faster so that you can beat them off! Be aware of the medium-sized blobs if you are not big enough! They might lurk inside the giant ones then suddenly come out to get you if you lose your concentration. Good luck with this solo game!

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Play Agarabi Solo game at here