This game contains loud noises, and lots of jumpscares

Avoid all the animatronics to survive

Use Mouse to move

You can't leave the room

FNaF Solo Official


FNaF Solo

Similar to other versions of FNaF games, in FNaF Solo, your main goal is to survive all the attacks of animatronics. The only different point of FNaF Solo is that those animatronics will head toward you at a fast speed in order to catch and scare you to death, instead of lurking in the darkness and gently approach you for attacking in previous versions. Therefore, you are supposed to dodge the animatronics no matter what and you can’t leave the room. Their speed movement will increase when you reach further nights. The game currently features 5 nights. Each night has different animatronics and jumpscares. Check out the illustrated pictures below here:

Your room
Night & time
Animatronics night 1
Animatronics night 2
Animatronics night 3
Animatronics night 4
Animatronics night 5