Easy Server Mode

Easy Server Mode is another brand new mode offering fast movement speed to all the players in Agarabi Game! If you love moving at breakneck speed, you need to join this awesome mode to experience that feeling. At first, you will move very fast while trying to absorb all the little targets surrounding you. Grab this chance to eat as much as possible! Your first goal is to get evolution and try to become the giant blob so that you will have enough power to conquer other colossal enemies! Also, your score will increase at a fast speed as well! However, when you get oversized or reach a certain big size, you won’t be fast anymore! In this period, all you have to focus is to keep an eye on the giant blobs, especially if you split your blobs into many smaller parts. Those tiny ones can easily get eaten by the big ones. Therefore, always prepare tactics and strategies for that case, so that you can handle the toughness in time! The disadvantage of this easy server mode is that you won’t be able to control your blob skillfully right after entering the room due to the fast speed. It will make you crash into the giant blobs easily, resulting in game over. But the mode’s still worth a try, right?

Play Agarabi Easy Server Mode now!