Agarabi Zombie Mode

One of the most outstanding modes in Agarabi Game online is called Zombie Mode! Are you ready to join a playfield that has zombies? There will be two teams named Zombies and Humans in this mode.

The game will be the battle of these two teams. It only takes place during 15 minutes, and after finishing one round, the game will have 30-second breaks for the next one coming. If you’re entering the game after the start, you will be put in the shoes of a dark and grey zombie whose mission is to go hunt the humans which are the colorful blobs.

If you – as a zombie can touch a human, he will go insane for around 10 seconds, and if he starts moving fast so that he can reach a hero ( the giant yellow blobs appearing in the map), that crazy guy will turn into a human again, which is very bad for zombie team. Bear in mind that zombies can only absorb the “brain masses” permitting them to be fast for 10 seconds, they can’t eat hero, and they can’t eat other zombies either.

Agarabi Brain Mass

Brain Mass – Zombies like it

As for a human being, they can be a normal one or a crazy one. The humans and insane humans are not able to eat zombies, and they can’t absorb the brain masses either. If a human is being chased by a zombie, they can try to move fast and search for hero, eating “hero mass” can help them become a hero for 50 seconds(if you eat more than one, the period for this effect will increase), and then they can totally fight back against zombies, or even eat diminutive zombies. However be careful, the large zombies can totally absorb the heroes. And if a player was killed, they will turn into a zombie. At the very last minute, if there is no human surviving, the zombie team will get the victory, and vice versa, if there is no zombie remaining, humans will touch glory.

Hero Mass - One of the most important masses in Zombie Mode

Hero Mass – One of the most important masses in Zombie Mode

Notes and tips:

For humans:

  • During 30-second break:
    • You need to go search for “hero” so that once the game starts again, you can turn into hero easily and try to find the first zombie to annihilate them. This will make human team win effortlessly.
    • If you still have lots of points, you can press key W to release your mass at a secret place that just only you know it, so that you can absorb the targets faster right after the game starts.

      Agarabi Zombie Game

      You can absorb the targets faster right after the game starts

  • Humans shouldn’t absorb and kill each other, if you guys do that, you indirectly increase the number of zombies.

For zombies:

  • The zombies can totally stay around heroes so that they can keep an on the humans
  • Even if you are a zombie, there are two reasons that you need to absorb more targets:
    • When you get larger, and then you confront with a hero, that hero can’t eat you for sure! And if you have a bigger size, you are able to absorb hero easily.
    • Eating lots of small targets also help you save your points for the subsequent rounds (press key W just like the tip mentioned above)

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