About Agarabi Game

The heat of massively multiplayer online browser games seems like never want to cease! Following the storyline and gameplay of Agar.io, now we will open up our arms and welcome the brand new one called Agarabi game online, which is playable on the browsers! This is considered as another survival strategy game that also draws the attention of the online players. You will totally get more interests, wonderful moments as well as upgrade your gaming skills! Agarabi PvP Server is still different from Agar.io a little bit, especially when we mention about the game modes that we can play and explore. That’s totally true! As we know, the “older brother” Agar.io only offers two basic modes to us, including FFA mode and Teams Mode! However, as for Agarabi, our fun will surely increase when the game offers up to 8 modes which have discrepant missions, gameplay, and features! That sounds so amazing, right? We can take our time for playing, discovering and beating off all the challenges. You will get surprised by what those modes bring! So, hurry up and let’s get started!

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Agarabi Game Modes

It’s time to take a look at the interesting modes in Agarabi game! At present, we can choose and play our favored modes, such as FFA Mode, FFA Speedy Mode, FFA Zombie Mode, Easy Server Mode, Hunger Games Mode, Rainbow Mode, Rainbow Speedy Mode, and Teams Mode. Alright, so we have a zombie, hunger games, rainbow and speedy! That’s so strange but awesome, right? So why don’t we go check them out now?

  • FFA Mode: Similar to Agar.io game, this is a free mode for all of the players in the same room! Everybody will have freedom to move and do whatever they want in the game. You will control your blob by yourself and try to achieve the mission, get evolution and beat off other rivals! It’s Free For All, guys!
  • FFA Speedy Mode: Your freedom is still there! Take advantage of your freedom and start hunting and chasing down other opponents! However, this time, you will move very fast because this is a speedy mode, which is suitable for those who are so into the speedy game!
  • Zombie Mode: Zombies? Are there real zombies in this mode? You need to click and try this fantastic mode right now! The game will choose a random player to be a zombie whose mission is to eat up all the human beings! Will it be you? Check it out!

    Hero Mass - One of the most important masses in Zombie Mode

    Hero Mass – One of the most important masses in Zombie Mode

  • Easy Server Mode: Do you love moving and eating up all the targets at breakneck speed? If yes, then Easy Server Mode is such a rational choice for you! You will move like a lightning!
  • Hunger Games Mode: Hunger Games? Sound familiar? Yes, following the well-known movie, now Agarabi game brings this awesome mode to all of you! However, you will have to wait for the room to have enough players (12 people); then the game will start immediately!
  • Rainbow Mode: Your blob won’t own a specific color anymore! Now, it’s a rainbow with various colors changing at the same time! You will be in a world full of rainbow colors!

    Rainbow Mode

    Me and me ??!!

  • Rainbow Speedy Mode: Possibly speaking, this mode is a great combination of Speedy and Rainbow mode mentioned above. Take control of your colorful blob and move it at breakneck speed!

    So many color

    So many color @@

  • Teams Mode: There are three teams with three different colors such as red, green and blue! You will be assigned as a random member of one of those teams then start to defeat the opponent teams. This is just like Teams mode of Agar.io game!

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Agarabi Gameplay

Since the game is multiplayer, there will be lots of players coming from all over the world to join and play Agarabi with you in the same room. Therefore, to beat them off, you need to prepare tactics and strategies, using your abilities carefully so that you can become the best leader ever, who will dominate the whole room!

Agarabi game online puts you in the shoes of a tiny blob whose mission is to eat up all the pellets surrounding and try to get evolution. You will move at the fast speed at the beginning, and then when your blob gets oversized, you can’t move fast anymore!

However, there is still a great function called splitting; you can divide your blob into smaller parts so that you can move them fast and absorb other targets. Be careful when confronting with the giant blobs! They might turn you into their tasty meal easily, resulting in game over! Therefore, you are supposed to run away from them as fast as possible, don’t let them approach you so close! Hope you have more fun and soon to become the best ruler ever!