Agarabi FFA Speedy Mode

FFA Speedy Mode in Agarabi game online is such a great choice for those who want to experience the fast speed in this survival strategy game. FFA Speedy mode will be different from FFA mode!

FFA Speedy Mode

Escape in FFA Speedy Mode is very hard

At first, you will take control of your blob and move it around at breakneck speed, oh this can be considered as the best way to gain bigger size fast! Your mass will grow without ceasing until you get oversized, and then after that, you will have to reduce your movement speed since your blob reaches giant size.

And now, it’s a right time to battle against other rivals! Although your speed gets decreased, you still need to try to move and absorb the big opponents. By doing this, you will have a chance to become the number 1 in leaderboard! Be careful when those rivals are making an effort to push you into one corner since you can’t run fast anymore! You can split your blobs into many smaller ones, then go eat the foes but always watch out the giant cells surrounding.

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